What was the second website ever made?

Fritz Howe asked a question: What was the second website ever made?
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🌐 What is the best website ever made?

Obviously Wikianswers! Come on now...

🌐 What was the first website ever made?


🌐 What was the very first website ever made?

august 6 1993 - info.cern.ch made by Tim Berners-lee . It provided an explanation of what the world wide web was and explained about the browsers. It is not currently running anymore.

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I don't know for sure, but it was probably a- lot like the first.

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When was the website made?

the first website showed up online on August 6 1991

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Who made the website ecotopia?

Who created the website: EcoTopia.org

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Who made the website wonderopolis?

the National Center for Families Learning

Wonderopolis was created by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) in 2010, and it has become one of the most popular education sites today.

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What is used to add a second website for viewing without closing the first website?

a tab or a new window (click file button)

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What is used to display a second website for viewing without closing the first website?

Right click on the link and it should say Open Link in New Window. Click on it and it should open a new window

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Can you make a website like second life?

Second Life is not a website, it is an online virtual world. The program is supported by a website, however, I am sure that you could learn how to build a website like it, but it would require investing a lot of time educating yourself in web programming languages and site design.

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How to make a second website in wordpress?

Adding sites manually

  1. Open WordPress.
  2. From the top menu, select 'My Sites > Network Admin > Sites'.
  3. On the next page, click the Add New button.
  4. Enter the following fields: Site Address – The subdirectory the virtual site is created under. Site Title – The new administrator can change this later…
  5. Click Add Site.

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When was the first website made?

When the net of inter was made dummy

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Who made the first wiki website?

Ward Cunningham

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Who made the jackie chan website?

Jackie Chan's website is created and run by his staff.

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What are some requirements to be the best website ever?

There are a number of things that one can do to attempt to have the best website ever. Some important things to be considered are to study the principles of design and color scheming, analyze to determine what makes a great design and get engrossed in the field for which one is designing. There is some very good information available for achieving a great website on the 'Webinsation' website.

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Whats is the most popular girl website ever?


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What is the second code on the sja website for the safe?

go on the doctor who website and it should be there.

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Who made the website last jigsy com?

Tamie Brown made the website last.jigsy.com. She is a great singer and actress and loves bunnies! She is not famous.

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What can i use to find who made a website?

  • Typically when trying to figure out who made a website I take the following steps (in order): Google the domain name (in quotes). If the site is listed in the body of the portfolio, it’ll often show up in the first page of results. You could probably throw other keywords – like “portfolio” or “design” or something – into the search.

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Can i add a second website to my shopify account?

  • Yes; it is possible to open two different stores on Shopify. You can also have these stores operating from the same domain name (as a subdomain) or under a separate domain (depending on your preference). However, you will need to set up and operate these stores on two separate Shopify accounts with their own login credentials and store fees.

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Is there a website like second life but for kids?

Yes, there are numerous websites that are somewhat similar to Second Life but are good for Kids and Preteens. Check out the related links below for some examples.

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Which is the best website to buy second hand books?

  • not only sells apparels and accessories but also second hand books for their buyers.
  • Kitaabi. Kitaabi is one of the trending website to buy and sell books online…
  • Aduera…
  • My Pustak…
  • Pustak kosh…
  • Biblio freaks…
  • Alibris…
  • Bookchor…
  • Second hand books…
  • Better world book…

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Can i publish a website made with notepad?

  • First of, you need a good text editor to write code. plain notepad is not enough. For this tutorial, I will be using notepad ++. Alternatively, you can use atom text editor or Sublime Text. Both are very good. Atom and notepad++ are free. Step 2. Create the landing page for your website

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How can you see who made a website?

website design django website templates

A few things to try to find a web developer and/or designer for a web project:

  1. Check the footer of the webpage.
  2. Check the "About Us" page.
  3. Email the "[email protected]" account and ask.
  4. Check the source code for the website and look for any comments or meta tags that may mention the developer.

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When is instagram being made into a website?

It already is...

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