What port does this website use?

Johann Goldner asked a question: What port does this website use?
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Port numbers are sometimes seen in web or other uniform resource locators (URLs). By default, HTTP uses port 80 and HTTPS uses port 443, but a URL like http://www.example.com:8080/path/ specifies that the web browser connects instead to port 8080 of the HTTP server.


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Sure! ...But only when the inquiries are intelligible, well-worded questions and contributors answer the questions seriously and correctly.

🌐 What port is a website using?

  • when viewing a website it gets assigned a random port, it will always come from port 80 (usually always, unless the server admin has changed the port) there's no way for someone to change that port unless you have control of the server. If website server is listening to a different port, then yes, simply use http://address:port/

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Yeah kind of.

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  • Another way to check the IP address for a website, is to use the nslookup command from a command line prompt. Most operating systems, whether they are Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux, etc., provide that tool, which is specifically for looking up IP addresses.

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  • Detecting what CMS is being used on a given website can be simple and sometimes it can be daunting. A lot of website builders use a "generator meta tag" which makes it really easy to detect which CMS is being used. Here is an example of such a tag:

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